Back to Basics Organizing Services can help you de-clutter, downsize, and organize your home or office to create a more functional living & working environment!



I understand that dealing with clutter can be intimidating, even overwhelming to some people. In a caring and supportive way I can help you create and implement personalized systems that enable you to spend less time searching and more time living! With help from Back to Basics Organizing, anyone, in any situation can achieve a more ordered and less cluttered living environment; providing more time for growth and enjoyment.

During the de-cluttering process, if you have items you no longer need and wish to donate, you can be confident that your donations will be appreciated and utilized by an appropriate charity. This is a great way to help yourself while helping someone else!

In order to achieve a more functional and productive lifestyle, I offer hands-on organizing assistance to meet a variety of goals. Whether it includes transforming a physical space or improving time management skills, I create a supportive environment to encourage change.

You deserve a life that is not controlled by clutter. It is never too late and there is never too much “stuff” to start on the path toward an organized future!


Rachel Shapiro Kowitz is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. She got her start by organizing for family and friends before establishing herself in the industry in 2006. She created Back to Basics in 2008. Her clients include everyone from working professionals to busy families. Rachel uses her creativity and attention to detail to create functional and beautiful spaces that accommodate her client’s individual needs and personalities.

Ready to get Back to Basics? Are you chronically late because you cannot find your keys? Does it take five outfit changes to find the right one? Stop wasting your valuable time and space and contact Rachel to schedule your consultation today!